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Stress and pregnancy

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This text is an excerpt from my course "Relaxation techniques and stress management"


Relaxation, stress and health. Stress and pregnancy The studies on the influence of stress on pregnancy have shown that, however it does not affect the development in short-term, prolonged periods of strong stress can increase the risk of premature birth and pregnancy complications.

Moreover, chronic stress in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage as adrenaline triggers uterine contractions. .

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It has also been noticed that children born to mothers who were subject to prolonged stress during pregnancy have lower birth weights. This is probably because the stress hormones cause vasoconstriction and therefore restrict the flow of nutrients and oxygen through the placenta to the embryo.

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It is thought that a lot of negative consequences that stress has on health arise not due to stress itself but because of inefficient methods of dealing with it.

Common reactions to stress, unfortunately even in pregnant women are smoking cigarettes, abusing caffeine, drinking alcohol, skipping meals and unhealthy diet (for example eating fast foods). These behaviours escalate the psychological tensions instead of relieving them and good, healthy habits are very important for both the mother and the child.

The consequences of a stressful pregnancy for the emotional state of the child

The genetic differences present in children of distressed mothers make them more susceptible to stress. As a result, they react to a stressful stimulus much faster, mentally and hormonally than their peers.

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Moreover, such children show a tendency towards taking impulsive actions and are more prone to experience emotional problems. Earlier studies have shown that there is a greater probability of developing depression in children whose parents were victims of domestic violence.

As you can see, it is very important for you before pregnancy and during pregnancy to apply relaxation techniques regularly.

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Relaxation techniques - how to relieve stress and be healthier


According to many scholars, stress is the cause of all illnesses and diseases since it lowers the body's immunity. It is also believed that stress increases the risk of cancer. Besides, stress has a negative impact on mental health as well as the quality of work and relationships.
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