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PSYCHONEUROREGULATION - how the mind affects the body - online course

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PSYCHONEUROREGULATION, or how the mind affects the body - online course

PsychoNeuroRegulation - how you can affect on your health by your mind - online course PsychoNeuroRegulation - how the mind affects health
The course program of PNR - PsychoNeuroRegulation

PsychoNeuroRegulation - how the mind affects health

PsychoNeuroRegulation - how the mind affects health

Your mind affects your health! Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, stress or relaxation are of great significance to the immunity of your body to illnesses and diseases. These facts have all been proven by modern medical science called psychoneuroimmunology.

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You can find out how the mind affects health from a scientific point of view. You can also learn mental techniques that will make your health better! And all this without even leaving home - thanks to an interesting online course.

With this unique, one-and-the-only training, you will learn the theory and practice of how the mind affects your health. Up

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The course program of PNR - PsychoNeuroRegulation

The course program of PNR - PsychoNeuroRegulation

This course is proprietary. Copyrights belong to its author: Marta Pyrchała-Zarzycka.

1. Psychoneuroimmunology and psychosomatics

In this lesson you will learn the knowledge base of psychoneuroimmunology and psychosomatics. Topics:
  • Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Psychosomatics.
  • Differences and similarities between PNI and psychosomatics.

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    2. Psychoneuroimmunology. Experiments, phenomena, research and its results.

    In this lesson you will learn the examples of scientific experiments connected to the influence of the mind on the body.
  • Scientific experiments connected to the influence of the mind on the body.
  • Placebo effect and self-suggestion.
  • Bernheim and Bourru experiments.
  • Conditioning of the immune system.

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    3. Nervous system and its interactions with other body systems.

    Psychological phenomena affect the nervous system. This, in turn, affects all the other systems of the body: immune, endocrine as well as the rest of the body. In this lesson you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system as well as part of its interaction with the rest of the body.
  • Nervous system - introduction.
  • Autonomic nervous system.
  • Limbic system. Role of the hypothalamus and its relationship with the ANS and the endocrine and neuropeptide systems.
  • Relationship between emotions and the nervous system.
  • Modulation of the nervous system using the psyche.

  • 4. Immune system. Relationship between different systems.

    In this lesson you will learn how the immune system works. You will also find out what is the relationship and mutual influence of nervous, immune and endocrine systems on each other. This will help you understand that your mind, through mental phenomena, affects your entire body.
  • Immune system. Introduction.
  • Impact of the psyche on the immune system.
  • General relationship between the immune, nervous and endocrine system.

    5. Impact of emotions on the body.

    In this lesson you will learn about the basics of how emotions influence health. For instance, you will find about how sadness, fear and pain affect the body. You will learn the psychophysiology of emotions.
  • Impact of emotions on the body - introduction.
  • Psychophysiology of emotions.
  • Pain and emotions.
  • Impact of depression on health.
  • Impact of emotions on health according to Chinese medicine.

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    6. Classification of psychosomatic diseases. Relationship between emotions and the occurrence of certain diseases.

    In this lesson you will learn the examples of how emotions may trigger certain diseases. You will also learn about different classifications of psychosomatic diseases.
  • Emotions and health - different views.
  • Classification of psychosomatic diseases.
  • List of psychosomatic diseases.

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    7. Impact of stress on health.

    In this lesson you will learn about the impact of stress on health.
  • Body response to stress.
  • Impact of stress on health.
  • Consequences of stress.
  • Effects of stress in pregnancy.
  • The scale of stress.
  • Positive effects of the appropriate amount of stress.

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    8. Techniques for freeing oneself from stress.

    In this lesson you will learn about different types of methods which help reduce stress - a major cause of every disease.
  • Simple relaxation techniques.
  • Biofeedback.
  • Eutonia.
  • Music therapy.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson's therapy).
  • Schultz autogenic training.

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    9. Meditation - theory and practice.

    In this lesson you will learn about:
  • The concept of meditation.
  • Benefits of regular meditation practice.
  • Methods of entering into a state of meditation.

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    10. Self-suggestion, affirmation and self-hypnosis for health.

    In this lesson you will learn how to use self-suggestion, affirmation and self-hypnosis for your health.

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    11. How to use imagination to restore/maintain health.

    In this lesson you will learn the techniques of visualization for your health. You will find out:
  • How imagination affects the body.
  • How to learn to visualize.
  • What are the rules for effective visualization.
  • What are the examples of visualization for health.
  • How to use the Silva method make the body more productive.

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    12. Psychotronic method for health.

    In this lesson you will learn about using the psychotronic method for health.
  • Three selves.
  • Skills necessary for effective application of the method.
  • Psychotronic method - introduction.
  • Metaphysical healing in different cases.

  • 13. Huna for health.

    In this lesson you will learn about using Huna in healing. Huna is an ancient teaching from around Hawaii whose approach to human psychology is similar to modern beliefs of psychologists.
  • What is Huna.
  • How Huna works.
  • Basic principles of Huna healing.
  • What is mana.
  • Example of Huna prayer.

  • 14. Anti-stress health excercises.

    Not everyone can easily relax during mental exercises. This may be due to muscle tension which can be reduced by progressive muscle relaxation or special physical exercises. Many of them not only help you relax and have a positive effect on your condition, but they also offer a range of health properties.
    In this lesson you will learn what physical exercises can help you level stress. Among others, you will be taught the basics of:
  • Warm-up.
  • Relaxing gymnastics.
  • Stretching.
  • Yoga.
  • Tai chi.
  • Chi gong.
  • You will also find out how is our body affected by qi gong and tai chi.

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    15. Art therapy. Plasticotherapy, bibliotherapy, choreotherapy and drama therapy.

    Art therapy means healing with the use of art. It is considered one of the methods used in modern psychotherapy. Over the centuries, however, it turned out that it also has a beneficial effect on the body. Methods used within art therapy include:
  • Drama therapy (therapy through theater).
  • Choreotherapy (therapy through movement).
  • Bibliotherapy (treatment with the use of books).
  • Plasticotherapy (support through painting and sculpting).

  • Each of these forms will be covered in later lessons. Here we will discuss choreotherapy, drama therapy, bibliotherapy (therapy through books) and plasticotherapy. Music therapy will be covered in a separate lesson.

    16. Music therapy.

    In this lesson you will learn about:
  • History.
  • Research.
  • Indications.
  • Effects.
  • Casuistry in music therapy.

  • You will also learn what may be the effects of treatment with the use of singing, and how music affects physiology as well as useful pieces in music therapy.

    17. Basics of self-psychotherapy.

    Emotions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas have an impact on the physiology of the body. In order to be healthy, you must free yourself from the negative ones and create positive ones within yourself.
    In this lesson you will find about basics of home self-psychotherapy.
  • Impact of psychotherapy on health.
  • Visualizations for purification of the mind and soul.
  • Visualizations - building a positive personality.
  • Affirmations. Programming the mind.
  • Love and gratitude.
  • Laughter therapy.
  • Up
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