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Free mini guide to using the online courses

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Free mini guide to using the online courses

E-learning, online courses, distance learning Guide downloadable, full version of the guide on the website, images to guide and educational platform will be available in late April or early May. Please be patient.

Astro Salus Education Ltd. offers you online courses allowing you to gain practical knowledge conveniently from your home, at any given time. Thanks to online courses you can now learn from anywhere in the world. The list of courses will be continuously expanded. E-learning courses are available through distance-learning platform.
Your access to the courses lasts one year which allows you to take them and complete them at any time that you find most convenient..
You may, of course, complete the course earlier and receive a relevant diploma and certificate, but you will still be able to freely use the course afterwards.
The price of the course includes content and technical assistance as well as delivery of diploma and certificates.


To be able to log in to paid courses, you must first sign up.
Registration shall be made upon receipt of payment by the person running the course.
Registration for the free courses is not necessary. Just click Log in as a guest After this step, you will enter the selected free course.
To log in to the course, you must go to
(It will be available soon - in March). You will then see the following picture:

In the upper right corner you will see the Log in button. Click on it to access the login window. It looks like this:

If you have already signed up and you are logging in to the paid course, please enter your username and password. This data was given to you after singing up upon receipt of payment for the course. You can change the password later.
Then click Log in
If you are using a free course, click Log in as a guest.
After logging in, you will see the following picture:

On the left you will see the navigation.
Note: This is the navigation for the registered user. People using the free courses, who are not registered, do not have the option to go to either My Courses, My Profile and My Profile Settings. Their navigation consists only of Home and Courses.
Clicking Home will take you to the main e-learning platform website.
Clicking Pages will show you your pages, if you have any. My Courses will direct you to the page with a list of your courses (if you are registered and you have access to them).
Clicking My Profile will show you how your profile looks like, i.e. your images, list of contacts, forum entries, messages (it also allows you to send them to other course participants or course leader), etc. It also lets you to write an entry on your own course blog.
Clicking Courses will take you to the list of current courses on
My Profile Settings lets you change your password, profile details (image, e-mail, city and country of origin, interests, etc.). If you click on My Courses you will see a page with a list of courses you have access to.
By clicking one of them (e.g. E-learning), you will open the course page:

Upon entering the course, in the middle you will see the welcome text contained in the course. Topics of its contents are below the button. They can also be found on the left side in the navigation. Their list drops down by selecting the course link.
Here is an example of one of the subject in the free course How to use e-learning.
Each activity of the course is presented in the form of a link. You can access them by clicking on the link corresponding to a given activity (e.g. LESSON, LINK, VIDEO,TASK).
The courses comprise of many different activities. Key to obtain a certificate (for paid courses) are Lessons, Tasks and Quizzes. The quizzes contain similar tasks to those found in lessons, while tasks will require you to write an essay. We will talk more about lessons later in the guide.
The courses comprise of many different activities - for volunteers. These include: database, dictionary, Wiki, forum, chat, links to interesting articles or videos, course pages, workshops, voting, polls, folders. In the folders of paid courses, there are files with the most important lesson content - to download. Note: Not registered participants of free courses have access to their respective lessons, links and pages.


Lessons are a compulsory activity in our paid courses. They contain all the necessary information related to the subject of the course. You will also find there photos, drawings and charts.
A lesson consists of a few to dozen pages. Typically, the first subpage is a brief introduction and the final one is a summary. Between the introduction and summary there are relevant contents related to the subject of the lesson.
You can go to each next part of the lesson by giving correct answers to questions. The questions are located at the bottom, below the lesson content. To confirm your answer, you must click Sumbit.
What will happen then? The system will approve your answer and will direct you to the same page, but on its bottom you will find information whether your answer was correct.
Click Continue to proceed to the next lesson.
This is how you go through all parts of the lesson. After completing the first lesson, you can go to the next one, and so on. Lessons take place in a designated order.
You can repeatedly pass selected lessons. However, each time you will need to answer the questions corresponding to a particular lesson. Only in the case of essays you do not need to write it a second time since the system saves your first answer which is then assessed. It is therefore enough that you enter any character, e.g. a dot.

. In each lesson you can come across a different type of questions. In each part
of the lesson, on its bottom there is one question from this part of the lesson. Such system guarantees that the student is familiar with the contents of the particular section.
The most commonly used questions in our courses are:
o true-or-false questions,
o matching appropriate expressions,
o single-choice test,
o multiple-choice test,
o essay.


Here we can see a feedback answer that pops up after giving the correct answer to a true-or-false question.


To drop down the list of answers, click Select and then choose the desired answer from the drop-down list. Here, too, at the bottom of the page, you can see a green bar that tells you what part of the lesson you have just passed. This is an example of the view when clicking one of the Select areas.

Here, next to your answers, you can see circles (similarly to true-or-false questions).


Here, instead of circles, you will find squares. You can choose 1-4 answers.


Here, you write your answer in the box. The essay is assessed by the teacher. Points are added for essays after they have been assessed. Other types of questions are checked automatically by the system.

END OF THE LESSON If you have gone through the lesson, sent your answers every time (also in the Summary) and clicked Continue afterwards, you will see the following picture:

It means that you have indeed passed the lesson and you can on move on to the next one. You may also check your grades (by clicking Show grades) or view the lesson again without having to complete the tasks one more time (View lesson). If you wish, you can easily take the lesson again with completing the tasks. It is then necessary to return to the course and click on the same lesson.

Learn comfortably at home! We invite you to our online courses.

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